Wilden's new 10 mm (3/8”) and 13 mm (1/2”) Hornet™ series pumpsWilden® has released new 10 mm (3/8”) and 13 mm (1/2”) Hornet™ series pumps. The Hornet™ is engineered for industrial applications including chemical dispensing, car wash and OEM systems. It features:

  • The Almatec Perswing™ air distribution system.
  • Wil-Flex™ integral piston diaphragms for optimum containment.
  • Spring-loaded check valves, which provide multi-directional mounting.
  • Quick disconnect fittings for convenient installation.
  • Multiple fitting options: 10mm (3/8”) barbed hose, 10mm (3/8”) MNPT, and 13mm (1/2”) barbed hose.
  • Max  flow rate of 20.8 lpm (5.5 gpm).
  • Glass-filled polypropylene construction .
  • Automatic air shutoff (quick system maintenance).
  • Lube-free operation.