Filamatic Monobloc fill/finishFilamatic has created the Monobloc fill/finish packaging system with:

  • The flexibility to perform a range of tasks, such as sorting, feeding, filling, plugging, stoppering, crimping, capping, induction sealing, labeling and accumulating. 
  • The capacity to fill containers from 10 to 1,000 mL.
  • Accommodations for an assortment of liquid products.
  • Digital control with menu-driven programs that electronically adjust operating parameters for quick and easy tool-less changeovers. 
  • The capability to fill an array of containers, including microtubes, cryovials, glass vials and plastic containers. 
  • Movable trolley assemblies.
  • A chuck-style capping system.
  • An unscrambling table for round containers.
  • A linear feed system customized for square containers running on the same line.
  • An optional HEPA filtration system for positive pressure airflow within the machine.