Lenox Instrument Company's FireSight® thermal imaging camera systemLenox Instrument Company recently announced the release of its new FireSight® thermal imaging camera system, designed to provide real-time monitoring and accurate, non-contact temperature measurement through combustion flames. The system:

  • Transmits temperature information from 110,000 individual temperature points via a high speed digital connection.
  • Is installed through a small opening in the combustion chamber wall.
  • Uses water-cooling and integrated air-purging to keep the high resolution camera and lens tube cool and clear of debris.
  • Operates at a waveband that has been carefully selected to eliminate obscuration and measurement errors caused by absorption/emission bands present in combustion gases.
  • Comes with image processing software that can control or monitor up to four imaging cameras and allows high resolution images and data to be viewed, manipulated, recorded and archived.
  • Has optional automatic retract system that pulls the camera back on loss of water cooling or air, preventing over-temperature damage; monitoring station to provide a local point of connection and status monitoring of coolant flow, purge air pressure, and electrical connections; and a control processor that provides connection to a wide range of industrial interfaces (TCP/IP protocol, OPC, analog signals or alarm outputs).