Massa M3 Zigbee-enabled ultrasonic sensorManufactured by Massa Products, the M3 Zigbee-enabled sensor incorporates ultrasonic technology to provide non-contact distance measurement primarily for remote liquid-level monitoring. The sensor transmits narrow-beam sound pulses, processes return echoes and then produces several outputs dependent on the position of the target. The measurement is then transmitted by low-power Zigbee radio to a gateway, while the information is presented to the user via LAN or web portal. Other features include:

  • A detection range from 4 inches to 13 feet.
  • Distance measurement transmissions via Digi Intl. Xbee radios and gateways.
  • Several user-adjustable output settings, such as measurement sampling rates, radio transmission rates, averaging of multiple distance measurements, loss-of-echo timeouts, as well as reporting of battery voltage, temperature and other parameters.
  • The capacity to remotely program sensors and read ranges for quick integration into remote monitoring applications.
  • Internal battery operation with a typical life span of 3 to 5 years.
  • Advanced on-board diagnostics.
  • A chemically resistant Kynar housing with 2-inch NPS fittings for mounting.
  • Built-in temperature compensation.