Saniflo Vacuum-Controlled PumpsWilden has announced that its new Saniflo Vacuum-Controlled (VC) Series Metal Pumps have been designed to efficiently and sanitarily handle large solids in food-processing applications. Among the products and applications are poultry, meat and seafood processing, whole berries, soups and chilies, beverage concentrates, vegetables, processed foods, sauces and pie fillings. Additional features include:  

  • 3 available pump sizes: 102 mm (4”), 152 mm (6”) and 203 mm (8”).
  • The ability to move solids from 7.6 cm (3”) to 15.2 cm (6”) at over 8,000 lbs/hr.
  • A vacuum generator that draws the product into the wetted housing — instead of an air filter.
  • Filtered compressed air that is used to push the product out of the wetted housing and downstream of the pump.
  • The ability to protect delicate process products from being damaged.
  • A design that can effectively handle whole-muscle meat, ripple fat and other large by-products.
  • Little required fluid for pump-ability. 
  • A design to meet the guidelines that have been established for sanitary process applications.
  • A straight flow-through design that allows large solids to pass while maintaining application efficiencies.
  • Shear-sensitive operation.
  • Tri-Clamp-style fittings.
  • Availability in a 32 Ra surface finish.

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