Clark Solutions’ CSLFC Clark Sonic Ultrasonic Flow TransmittersClark Solutions’ CSLFC Clark Sonic Ultrasonic Flow Transmitters feature excellent long-term stability, no pressure drop and no moving parts. The transmitters:

  • Are easy to install.
  • Do not impact the flow, pressure or transit times of fluids.
  • Are unaffected by fluid temperatures or viscosities, making them ideal for measuring flow ranges from 4.5 to 3000 GPM in 4” to 10” pipe. For pipe sizes under 4” Clark offers the Clark Sonic CSLFB.
  • Are built from Schedule 40 epoxy coated carbon steel.
  • Feature ULTEM® encapsulated ultrasonic transducers with a choice of EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene™, FKM or other seals.
  • Provide a continuous 4-20mA flow signal.
  • Use a proprietary mixed signal ASIC, which allows sophisticated timing, control and transducer drive circuitry to be combined on a single integrated circuit.