Morse advanced automationNow available from Morse Mfg. is an advanced automated control package that can achieve better productivity and safety for Morse tilt-to-load drum rotators. A new online video ( demonstrates this automated drum lifting, rotating and returning to upright position at floor-level for easy handling. Other features include:

  • The flexibility to set rotation times anywhere from a few seconds to 99 hours, so you can start the equipment, then walk away.
  • Automatic rotator shutdown if the gate is open.
  • Operation from 5 to 20 RPM.
  • A safety interlock on a heavy-duty enclosure.
  • The capability to tumble steel, plastic or fiber drums.
  • Accommodations for drums with dimensions from 29 to 37 inches or 74 to 94 cm (H) and from 18 to 23.5 inches or 46 to 60 cm (dia.).
  • Compliance with OSHA requirements.