Meggit's M12-style accelerometersMeggitt Sensing Systems, the makers of Wilcoxon Research vibration sensors and sensor networks, has added three new accelerometers with M12 connectors to its product line. The M12 connector:

  • Is compatible with the existing infrastructure and stock of cables and connectors, making it easy to implement the accelerometer for vibration monitoring.
  • Has several compatible connector-cable assemblies.

The M12-style accelerometers:

  • Are 100 mV/g general purpose vibration sensors.
  • Have excellent sensitivity tolerance and an acceleration range of 80g.
  • Are hermetically sealed using a fused glass to metal connector and all welded construction, and are rated for operation in environments up to 120° C.
  • Come in three models: The 786A-M12 top-exit sensor with ±5 percent sensitivity tolerance; the 787AM8-M12 low-profile, side-exit sensor, also with ±5 percent sensitivity tolerance; the 787BM8-M12 low-profile, side-exit sensor with ±10 percent sensitivity tolerance.
  • Have M8, M6, and 1/4-28 mounting options.