Belden’s new 2000 Volt variable frequency drive cable designsBelden’s new 2000 Volt variable frequency drive (VFD) cable designs include an updated classic model and a symmetrical model. The classic design VFD Cable, 14 to 2 AWG, with Beldfoil® plus TC Braid Shield, features:

  • Oversized XLPE insulation to provide the lowest capacitance available in a VFD cable.
  • Dual shielding for the lowest resistance to ground path.
  • 85 percent braid coverage for EMI low frequency noise protection.
  • 100 percent aluminum/Mylar tape shield for RFI high frequency noise protection.

The symmetrical design, large AWG (1 to 4/0) with spiral copper tape shield, additionally features:

  • Improved common mode current containment.
  • Spirally applied dual copper tape shields for 100 percent coverage.
  • Three symmetrical bare ground wires for a balanced ground system that reduces the likelihood of premature motor bearing or motor insulation failure.