Howard Leight Pilot™ push-in ear plug Designed to provide more comfortable occupational hearing protection, Howard Leight® presents its new Pilot™ push-in ear plug with:

  • A hybrid design that combines the performance of the Quiet® multiple-use ear plug with the comfort of the Max® single-use ear plug, delivering long-wearing comfort and total control over fit.
  • Easy insertion into your ear with a simple fingertip twist of the non-obtrusive navigation stem for a quick, snug and comfortable fit.
  • Construction from soft, pearl-skinned Howard Leight polyurethane foam, which is resilient and easy to clean, for reliable, long-wearing performance.
  • The flexibility to remain comfortable for 8 minutes or 8 hours of hearing protection.
  • Appropriate attenuation in medium- to low-noise environments (95 dB or less).
  • Multi-day use for up to several workdays/shifts without impacting its overall performance.