Shimadzu's RF-20A and RF-20Axs fluorescence detectorsShimadzu has released the RF-20A and RF-20Axs fluorescence detectors. According to the company, the detectors use a newly designed optical system to achieve the highest sensitivity levels of any HPLC fluorescent detector. Other features include:

  • A water Raman S/N ratio of at least 1,200 for the RF-20A and 2,000 for the RF-20Axs.
  • Response time of 10 ms.
  • Multi-component analysis using wavelength switching via a time program.
  • Temperature-controlled cell with cooling function to maintains a constant detector cell temperature, even if the testing environment’s room temperature fluctuates.
  • Easy xenon lamp and flow cell replacement at the front panel.
  • Xenon lamp life of 2,000 hours, four times longer than previous Shimadzu lamps.