General MonitorsFL3100H UV/IR and FL3101H UV flame detectors from General Monitors are now compatible with the HART communication protocol. Designed to detect fires over a wide field of view and provide alarm outputs directly from the detector while maintaining false alarm immunity, these flame detectors also deliver:

  • Uniform and consistent communication without disturbing the integrity of any 4- to 20-mA analog signals.
  • Continuous optical path monitoring to ensure quality fire protection.
  • 3 SPDT high-current programmable relay outputs that provide immediate and time-delayed outputs for alarm, warn and fault conditions. 
  • An RS-485 serial output with the Modbus RTU protocol for linking up to 128 detectors in series or 247 with repeaters. 
  • Access to device configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance and alarm records.
  • Backwards compatibility with the installed base of instrumentation in use today.
  • Operation over a broad temperature range.
  • A 4- to 20-mA stepped output. 
  • Suitability for oil and gas production, refining, distribution and storage operations, as well as chemical processing.