Arthur G. RussellThe Arthur G. Russell Co. recently unveiled its space-saving multi-lane parts feeder, which is customized to meet the criteria for projects requiring high output within a limited floor space. According to the company, the feeder additionally offers:

  • The quiet-running, patented Vibro-Block™ electromagnetic vibrator for a consistent, controlled product.  
  • Accommodations for plastic, metal, glass or a combination of those materials.
  • A modular design that allows you to fine-tune the amount and direction of the vibration.
  • Configuration with an integral bin that presents product directly to each individual lane, or with a conventional bin that supplies product into 1 or more vibratory feeder bowls that then supply components to multiple lanes. 
  • Typical operation with an indexing chassis assembly system to deliver the product by whatever means best suit the application.
  • Adaptability to quick product changeovers.
  • Suitability for use in large or smaller product runs. 
  • Optional screens and vision systems for use in specialized applications, such as product sorting or product inspection for detecting size, shape and structural deformation.