MIDAC IlluminatorThe MIDAC Illuminator is a compact FTIR module that integrates well with a variety of sample interfaces in virtually any configuration. The Illuminator further delivers:

  • An IR source and an interferometer to generate a collimated output beam. 
  • The flexibility to be coupled with any sampling accessory equipped with its own IR detector to create a compact dedicated analyzer.
  • The capability to replace the internal IR source with a detector module for emissions work or use with an external IR source. 
  • Data collection, post processing and report generation provided by the company's AutoQuant Pro real-time multi-component quantitative analysis package or Essential FTIR general-purpose spectroscopy software.
  • Power via a 12-volt battery as an alternative to standard AC power, enabling use in remote or field applications.
  • Dimensions of 16 by 9 by 8 inches.
  • Suitability for use in open path air monitoring, emissions spectroscopy and customized analyzer configurations.