Cleveland Vibrator RFM Integra SeriesThe Cleveland Vibrator Co. has extended its line of volumetric rectangular feeder machines (RFM) to include compact, self-contained RFM Integra Series vibrating feeders with built-in bulk hopper inlets. Other RFM Integra features include:

  • An integrated design that relies on the actuation of 2 electrical vibrators to ensure a constant, reliable flow of castings, billets and other large parts.
  • A lower overall height and hopper walls angled at less than 30° for a reduced material dump height.
  • An adjustable swing-out gate to further aid in flow control and lessen the potential for hangup as material moves from the hopper to the feeder tray.
  • Elimination of the need for steeply angled hopper walls associated with gravity hoppers.
  • The ability to be easily equipped with independent variable-frequency controls for adjusting flow rates.
  • Availability in a range of feeder tray sizes and hopper capacities.
  • Optional special control features for applications in which timed feed rates or operation from a scale signal are required.
  • Suitability for use in the plastic, processing, powder, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and foundry industries.