OYSTAR Energy Efficient Tablet Coaters.The OYSTAR USA Process Division now offers the full range of OYSTAR Manesty XL™ COTA 150, 350 and 750 tablet coaters. Designed to coat a wide range of medium to large product batches, the devices feature:

  • Side vented pan technology.
  • Updated spray gun design, mixing baffles and control systems.
  • 170 liter capacity for the XL COTA 150, 500 liter capacity for the XL COTA 350 and 800 liter capacity for the XL COTA 750.
  • Fully-perforated side-vented coater drum and cabinet design, which allows for highly-effective drying without the high drying temperatures that can put thermal stress on the product.
  • Monitoring of solution flow through each solution line by use of a multi-head peristaltic pump.
  • Automated reverse unloading without scoop.
  • High containment with split butterfly valve loading.
  • Fully automated and validated operation.
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzles
  • Double-skin construction for efficient energy use.