Emerson Process Management's Model 2400S transmitter with MVD™ technology.Emerson Process Management has released the Model 2400S transmitter with MVD™ technology on its hygienic Micro Motion® H-Series Coriolis meters. The transmitter expands meter installation options for H-Series Coriolis meters to include integral or remote mounting in the field, or control room mounting using a DIN rail, panel or rack format. The system also offers:

  • Optimum balance between raw sensitivity to flow and density, and the need for compactness and drainability.
  • True and complete meter verification, which identifies sensor health while the meter is in line, the process is flowing, and without secondary references.
  • Faster meter response time and advanced algorithms in empty-full-empty (EFE) batching.
  • Mass flow accuracy up to ±0.1 percent and volume flow accuracy up to ±0.15 percent on liquids, mass flow accuracy of ±0.5 percent on gases, and liquid density accuracy up to ±0.001 g/cc.
  • No moving parts and no special flow or piping requirements.
  • DeviceNet or PROFIBUS DP communication protocols in addition to FOUNDATIOn Fieldbus and the traditional interfaces such as 4-20 mA, frequency and HART®.
  • Painted aluminum or 316L stainless steel housing rated to IP66 and IP67.