Asymtyek material handling systemAsymtek’s new MH-900 series material handling system is configurable for inline or same-side load and unload operations, supports both single and dual-lane conveyors and provides reliable loading and unloading of a wide variety of parts from very thin strips to large heavy boats and carriers. Other system features include:

  • Advanced process control built into the handling system.
  • Programmable transport speed and carrier staging.
  • Multiple carrier sensors, active pinch wheels and thin strip guides.
  • Frame sensor, which identifies the next available frame, significantly reducing search time for partially filled magazines.
  • Programmable shuttle positions.
  • LoaderMove™ Touch Software and Control System.
  • 147-mm color touch screen.
  • Scalable loading options and flexible capacity.
  • PLC control, which enables future expandability when process needs change.
  • Quick changeover to different magazine and part sizes.
  • Optional second shelf for increased capacity.
  • Fully-enclosed loaders with interlocked doors and windows.