AMETEK Process Instruments has broadened its line of 5100 Series gas analyzers to include a portable version. Based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, the analyzer provides analyte specificity, sensitivity and measurement speed of response. According to the company, the 5100 Series further furnishes:

  • Measurement of water in natural gas, bulk gases and hydrocarbon gas streams, plus analytes such as O2, CO2, CO and CH4.
  • Laser wavelength stability and non-contact measurement to eliminate the need for field adjustments. 
  • An internal thermal electric cooler and thermistor for laser wavelength stability on the laser module.
  • Compact, fully enclosed optics.
  • Sample handling.
  • An on-board reference cell for laser line lock.
  • All-digital signal processing.
  • The convenience of a handheld battery-powered device.
  • Approximately 8 hours of use before requiring recharge.
  • Availability of application-specific gas cells with a wide range of path lengths.
  • Factory calibration.