Novemebr 11, 2009

AdoptSMT Group, developer, manufacturer and supplier of the FeederMaster® calibration system for component feeders, recently showcased its latest model, the Digital FeederMaster. The system:

  • Is designed with the same base interchangeability, which allows the end user to test a range of different feeder types.
  • Supports Siemens, Fuji NXT, Juki and Assembléon GEM feeders.
  • Uses a digital camera system with which the new embedded PC and software can capture, store and analyze images of the feeder under test, running at full machine speed.
  • Calculates the feeder’s CpK value, which is a measure of its repeatable accuracy, using recorded data.
  • Can now read the maximum current consumption.
  • Has a 2D bar code reader to read the manufacturer’s unique feeder number label or any other label.
  • Has a Zebra printer, which can print 50 × 25 mm labels with customer specific design.
  • Stores calibration results under the feeder’s unique number.