Watson-Marlow now offers its Flexicon FPC50W—an operator-friendly, fully automated filling and plugging system. According to the company, the system comes with:

  • A Wipotec weighing cell to measure the weight of each individual fill with an accuracy rate of ±0.002 G.
  • The capacity to handle filling requirements for clinical trials and medium-batch productions with peristaltic aseptic filling from 0.1 to 100 mL. 
  • Accommodation of a range of vial sizes and neck finishes without the need for extra format parts for operator convenience.
  • Connection of the weighing cell to the filling system, allowing for fully automatic recalibration of the pump throughout the batch.
  • The ability to employ a changeover of the single-use fluid path, which includes pharmaceutical-grade silicone tubing and plastic filling needles, to adapt to multiple processes or fill volumes.
  • An automated turntable infeed, an in-line filling station, and a rubber plug closure applicator that is capable of filling and capping vials at rates up to 20 VPM.
  • A 12-inch HMI for easy setting of all process parameters.