West Chester Holdings recently launched its Lunar foam nitrile palm dip gloves, which are ideal for all types of commercial and industrial applications. Features include:

  • A white or salt-and-pepper nylon shell dipped over the palm and fingertips with full saddle coverage for extra grip on wet or oily materials, and better surface adhesion on dry applications. 
  • Sizes from extra small to extra, extra large for a proper fit and optimal dexterity. 
  • Antibacterial surfactants to prevent odors and bacteria from forming. 
  • A knit wrist to facilitate comfort.
  • The capability to be machine washed.
  • A silicone-free composition.
  • Clear labels with the appropriate EN388 rating and size indicator to ensure that the right glove with the right fit is used for the job.
  • Suitability for applications that may include bottling, canning, recycling, manufacturing, materials handling, maintenance applications, small parts assembly and more.