NLB Corp. presents the fully automated ATL-5000 water jet system. The company believes that the system cleans tube bundles 3 times faster than manual methods, as well as:

  • Incorporates 5 rigid lances, each with a specially designed nozzle, to deliver high-pressure water — up to 20,000 PSI or 1,400 BAR — to clear the tubes of hardened debris. 
  • Implements a hydraulic drive to insert the lances at a rate of 39 inches (1 m) per second, then withdraw them to be positioned to clean the next 5 tubes. 
  • Allows bundle configuration of various lengths up to 30 feet (98.4 m) due to an adjustable lance stroke.
  • Permits you to control all movements (in/out, up/down and left/right) from a convenient overhead station, which provides clear visibility at a safe distance from the action; you can even rotate the bundles with an optional bundle roller control package.
  • Is powered by diesel and is completely self-contained. 
  • Includes a lockout to prevent accidental actuation, and an optional HVAC package to keep the operator station cool and comfortable.
  • Requires no external power or air supply, plus it can be taken by trailer to jobsites.