Processing companies depend on clean water — such as for boiler feed water make-up, recycling to cooling towers, improved process times, and overall production quality and consistency — throughout their business; some even reuse grey water in other parts of their manufacturing process. According to Culligan, it has redefined industrial water treatment with its custom-designed Matrix Solutions industrial water treatment system that:

  • Ensures the right contaminants are removed and the right water quality is achieved.
  • Improves profitability by optimizing limited water resources.
  • Enhances environmental compliance and sustainability through water reuse and brine reclamation.
  • Extends equipment performance and improves operational efficiency.
  • Uses Culligan’s electronic controls for reverse osmosis and water softening technologies.
  • Features a mix-and-match modular design preconfigured to work on a simple global platform, while meeting specific requirements.
  • Gives you the option to choose advanced electronic capabilities, such as remote monitoring and telemetry options.