Fluid Metering, Inc.'s RHV variable speed valveless piston pumps with ceramic internals are an ideal solution for directly injecting Hydrazine into water and steam systems, according to the company. The pumps:

  • Inject concentrated hydrazine at system pressure and without dilution.
  • Inject hydrazine at rates as low as 0.2 milliliters per minute up to 180 milliliters per minute.
  • Have an accuracy of 1 percent or better.
  • Are self priming and will not lose prime, even at very low flow rates.
  • Have a pump head with chemically inert, sapphire-hard ceramic internals, for calibration-free cycles of service.
  • Use a V300 variable speed controller, which includes a 4–20-mA electronic control input.
  • Have a small footprint and universal power input of 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz.