Instantly determine material inventory with the Cardinal Scale 825 Spectrum weight indicator's ability to view 10 scales onscreen simultaneously. The indicator incorporates:

  • The power to check on your entire tank farm's stocking levels in 1 scan of the eye.
  • Recall of individual scale information by touching a scale's weight onscreen to set zone target values and ranges and zero weight, in addition to apply tare weights.
  • The capacity to easily handle up to 10 scale cards weighing at 200 samples per second independently.
  • Dynamic trim that constantly adjusts trim sizes for powder-/bulk-weighing applications to achieve the most accurate cutoff.
  • Instantaneous gate cutoff, which is ideal for digital fill control applications.
  • A large 640- by 480-pixel color LCD.
  • 2 speedy 32-bit ColdFire® processors with 64 MB of user memory.
  • Availability of static trim for applications without variation, such as liquid-weighing applications.