AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products now offers shell and tube heat exchangers made with ultra-high purity PFA tubing, which allows chemical processors and others to conform to the highest purity standards. According to the company, its heat exchangers are single-pass counter-current designs that incorporate:

  • Functionality for heating and cooling ultra-pure water, acids and other corrosive chemicals, which are typically used in electronics, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing. 
  • AMETEK's unique honeycomb construction.
  • Shell diameters ranging from 3 to 14 inches.
  • Fluoropolymer linings, although a variety of other materials are available on request.
  • ASME-coded lined metal heat exchanger shells equipped with TEMA/ANSI end nozzle connections.
  • More durability than glass and graphite and more corrosion resistance than most metals.