The Land Model 4500 Mk III from AMETEK combines 3 patented technologies to make it the most accurate and reliable stack opacity measurement and dust concentration monitoring instrument available. The company says that it incorporates:

  • A homogeneous LED light source paired with a flood LED to achieve high levels of stability and accuracy. 
  • A no-moving-parts optical system for reliability of the compact dust emissions monitor.
  • The capability to report data as opacity, dust density or optical density.
  • A fully automatic zero checking and drift compensation system. 
  • An automatic span check mechanism to confirm calibration at user-defined intervals.
  • An integral control panel to provide user setup, control and diagnostic information.
  • An intuitive, language-independent user menu with simultaneous text and icon menu prompts to guide users through installation and setup.
  • Compliance with ASTM D6216.
  • Options for adapter flanges, air purging and other accessories that make upgrading existing opacity monitoring systems quick and hassle-free.