According to Charles Ross & Son, its MegaShear inline high-shear mixer is the first to combine high flow rates without an auxiliary pump, high tip speeds and ultra-high shear rates all in a single pass. Benefits include:

  • The ability to disintegrate virtually 100 percent of large particles and droplets in a single pass. 
  • Elimination of the need for inline recirculation, thus improving process control.
  • Uniform particle/droplet size distribution, which is critical for some fine emulsions and dispersions.
  • Flow rates up to 500 GPM.
  • Tip speeds up to 18,000 FPM.
  • Enhanced product stability and texture.
  • Faster solubilization.
  • Greater efficacy in the case of pharmaceuticals.
  • More efficiency for catalyzed chemical reactions.
  • Higher quality dispersions and emulsion in the food industry.