NewAge® Industries recently released its Suprene thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing in 2 grades — industrial and FDA. Produced in 64A or 80A hardnesses, the FDA grade is autoclavable, appropriate for clean applications and compliant with NSF-51 (80A material only). In contrast, the 64A industrial version resists UV, ozone and various chemicals, thus is well suited for outdoor use, while being able to handle applications in which oil may splash onto the tubing. Both types of Suprene TPR tubing provide:

  • Quality compression properties.
  • A flexibility similar to rubber, but a profile that’s lighter in weight.
  • Resistance to flex fatigue and tearing.
  • A temperature range from -60° to 275°F (-51° to 135°C).
  • A breadth of sizes — from 1/8- through 3/4-in. inner diameters.
  • Suitability for peristaltic pump use, in addition to chemical conveyance, food and beverage line, pharmaceutical processing and packaging, dispensing, ink transfer, and paint spray system applications.