According to Tri-Mer Corp., its MultiPhase BioSystem is a major milestone in green technology for VOC control. Taking advantage of the natural tendency of VOCs to partition into both phases, the MultiPhase incorporates both air- and liquid-phase approaches, using enhanced bioremediation techniques to treat high inlet concentrations of VOC with efficiencies up to 98 percent. The system additionally features:

  • Permanent, synthetic ceramic biomedia, which is surface-modified to allow accelerated attachment and growth; it boasts a biologically active surface area, and will not clog due to biomass growth or particulate accumulation. 
  • A self-cleaning media bed that never needs replacement. 
  • A compact single-vessel system that can be sited close to the emission source — some times even inside the facility — minimizing long duct runs.
  • Elimination of NOx byproducts and less CO2 production because as it does not burn natural gas. 
  • Minimal wet and solid waste.
  • Compatibility with high-temperature VOC emissions, such as those from dryers and other hot processes. 
  • A fully instrumented profile that integrates with plant control systems, and can be rapidly brought on- and offline.
  • Suitability for fiberglass, adhesives and resins manufacturing, as well as for processors who generate emissions from formaldehyde, methanol, turpenes, pinenes and other VOC species. 
  • Custom engineering to specific applications.