Victory Energy recently launched its SolorGen® Series boiler—the first industrial/utility boiler to harness the clean, renewable and radiant energy of the sun to produce superheated steam at typical utility pressures and temperatures. According to the company, its new concentrated solar power technology offers an efficient, yet cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuel-derived energy, making it the ideal renewable source of steam generation with:

  • Solar electricity ranging from 46 to more than 500 megawatts.
  • A field of sun-tracking heliostats to reflect solar heat to a thermal receiver mounted atop a tower.
  • The capacity to boil water (with the collected focused heat) within the thermal receiver to produce steam.
  • Pipes to transport the steam from each thermal receiver to the turbine.
  • The ability to revert steam back to water through cooling, so the cycle can repeat.
  • A standard turbine and generator.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Uniform modularity.
  • A low-impact, pre-fabricated design.