Powder-Solutions presents its BFM® fitting as a safe, efficient and flexible connector for chemical processors. The assembly consists of a BFM flexible sleeve, along with stainless snap bands on both ends, and 2 metal-formed spigots. After welding the spigots to your process piping, the BFM sleeve can be removed and reinstalled without tools within minutes. (Simply squeeze the snap band and slide the sleeve in or out of the spigot, then release.) According to the company, these fittings also incorporate:

  • A dust-tight seal to virtually eliminate leakage. 
  • A flexible sleeve that fits inside spigots, so the seal can get even tighter in the event of a sudden pressure shock. 
  • Crevice-free interiors of the sleeve and spigots to prevent product buildup, in addition to reduce the risk of bacteria growth and cross-contamination. 
  • Your choice of sleeve materials, including 040 Seeflex (clear urethane), woven polyester, PTFE and more. 
  • Availability of diameters from 4 to 48 inches in any length.
  • Suitability for offset, vibrating or oscillating applications because there are no pinch or wear points — a leading cause of premature failure.
  • Explosion testing by an independent agency.