Baldor Electric Company has combined technologies from the laminated finned frame RPM AC motor with a high performance permanent magnet salient pole rotor to create an energy efficient, power dense product that can directly replace the right angle gearbox and jack shaft installation in many conventional cooling towers. The fan couples directly to the motor shaft and is controlled by Baldor’s unique VS1 Cooling Tower Drive.

The totally enclosed-air over RPM AC cooling tower motor:

  • Prevents water ingress along the shaft with the use of a labyrinth bearing isolator and flinger
  • Uses condensation drains to relieve any moisture that may collect inside the motor.
  • Uses and electrical system that is manufactured using a vacuum pressure impregnation process that ensures long motor life.

The Baldor VS1 cooling tower drive:

  • Is specifically designed to work with the cooling tower motor.
  • Utilizes unique sensorless algorithms to accomplish smooth low speed operation.
  • Supports multiple protocols so that it can communicate with most building automation systems.