The K-Tron Process Group now offers ActiFlow — an alternative to conventional forms of mechanical hopper agitation. According to the company, the ActiFlow smart bulk solids activator boasts:

  • Continuous activation of cohesive bulk materials inside the stainless steel hopper.
  • Reliable prevention of bridging and ratholing.
  • A self-tuning algorithm in the control module that continuously monitors the system, adjusting frequency and amplitude of the agitation to maintain flow.
  • The capability to screen out vibrations, therefore ensuring accurate weight signals, with the company’s Smart Force transducer weigh scales.
  • Elimination of the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes, plus side-wall agitation devices or aeration pads.
  • A patent-pending vibratory drive and intelligent control unit.
  • A non-product contact design and an easy cleaning process during material changeover.
  • Bolting of the device to the outside of the extension hopper, above the feed screws, in addition to reduced headroom requirements.
  • Accommodations for loss-in-weight (gravimetric) feeding applications or applications involving difficult-flowing materials.
  • Suitability for the food, pharmaceutical, plastic and chemical industries.

Click here for a video showing ActiFlow in action.