Simply using standard-size plastic bulk bins to build new containers, Universal Package Systems recently developed a line of custom-dimension cut-and-weld plastic bulk containers. According to the company, benefits include:

  • Widths ranging from 12 to 48 in. with the flexibility to be paired with virtually any container length or height.
  • The capacity to incorporate drop doors, or open or solid walls on any or all sides of the containers, in any combination.
  • The opportunity to perfectly match container sizes with part sizes.
  • The optimization of space, which as a result, reduces transport costs.
  • The capability to be stacked, stored and shipped—just like standard-size containers.
  • Availability as a collapsible or rigid box construction.
  • Selection from 2- or 4-way fork lift entry, depending on container dimensions and customer specifications.
  • Custom dunnage design to ideally fit new cut-and-weld containers.
  • A 1-year warranty.