Sierra Instruments introduces its Smart-Trak® 2 — a significant re-design of the Series 100 digital mass flowmeters and controllers (see video). The result of more than 5 years of user feedback, new features of the Smart-Trak® 2 add even more control, independence and flexibility. Sierra has additionally designed the Compod™, a Smart-Trak® 2 add-on that expands networking, while streamlining functionality and reducing costs.

Expanded functionality of the Smart-Trak® 2 includes:

  • True linear performance to improve accuracy and flexibility in multiple gases.
  • Selection from up to 10 pre-programmed gases or the capacity to substitute your own with Dial-A-Gas® technology.
  • The ability to adjust calibration in the field for each of these 10 gases independently.
  • A unique pilot module (mounted or handheld) to let you view and change critical control functions in the field.
  • Proprietary frictionless hovering direct-acting control valve technology.
  • MODBUS RTU networking capabilities with the Sierra Compod™.

The Compod™, coupled with Sierra’s Smart-Trak® Model100 mass flowmeters or controllers, can simplify basic flow control installations, yet permits networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocols. By adding the Compod™ module to a new or existing Smart-Trak®, according to Sierra, you can take complete control of gas mixing and blending, batch control, leak testing and process monitoring.

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