Dynamic Conveyor recently expanded its conveyor and conveying accessory line with a set of powered spur conveyors. Built to simplify the transfer of products and boxes from 1 conveying line to another, according to the company, these conveyors deliver:
  • The capability to meet another conveyor at a 45ยบ angle, while maintaining product orientation during transfer.
  • The flexibility to pair up with a pneumatic diverting arm for diverging products and boxes.
  • Suitability for merging product onto a main trunk-line conveyor from myriad sorts of work stations and machines.
  • Construction from a series of 4-in. (W) plastic link-style belts, which run on a shared drive-shaft mounted in a center drive.
  • Availability from 4 to 24 in. (W) and up to 8 ft. (L).
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