Launched in an effort to enhance aeration in pneumatic conveying applications, yet simultaneously prevent bridging, rat-holing and compacting, Solimar Pneumatics has incorporated a new radial-ridge design into the mini disk of its latest silo fluidizer. The company says that the product further furnishes the following benefits:
  • The manipulation of directional air flow along chamber walls to loosen and guide product to discharge points, therefore improving flow control.
  • Gentle vibration at the disk's outer edges in order to maintain powder and bulk-solid flow.
  • A 2-in (dia.) disk profile that permits conformity into tight spaces, such as in pipes, chutes or small hoppers, as well as curvature chambers as small as 4 in. (dia.), thereby expanding material-handling configuration options.
  • The prevention of airline plugging.
  • The flexibility to accommodate either high-pressure/low-volume or low-pressure/high-volume compressed air.
  • A silicone material composition that eliminates tearing and moisture absorption.
  • The power to withstand temperatures up to 350°F (170°C).
  • Minimal back pressure as a result of close-fitting seals.
  • Suitability for silos, bins and hoppers.
  • Compatibility with food-grade materials, plus an FDA approval.
  • Availability of engineering assistance, plus 24-hr. turnaround.