Cole-Parmer recently published its comprehensive 2009 mixers catalog, which contains 32 pages offering the company’s latest mixers and overhead stirrers, including:

  • Laboratory and industrial process scale mixers.
  • Static mixers.
  • Sanitary mixers.
  • Powder mixers.
  • Process mixers.
  • Mixer accessories, such as stainless steel mixing shafts, propellers, stands, clamps and supports.
  • Top brands like Stir-Pak®, IKA®, LIGHTNIN®, GK Heller®, Heidolph®, Talboys, Servodyne™ and more.
  • IKA RW20 dual-range mixers, Lightnin Labmaster™ mixers and EV Series industrial process mixers.
  • Newly redesigned Stir-Pak and Servodyne lab mixers.