Sturdy, secure gas cylinder storage buildings from Safety Storage offer a broad spectrum of storage and design flexibility options for meeting fire safety standards, environmental code requirements and supply chain demand for managing the storage and access of gas cylinders under pressure, and used empty containers awaiting collection and disposal.

Gas cylinders containing high-pressure hydrogen, natural gas, propane, butane, methane, carbon monoxide, gas mixes, and liquefied petroleum gas or acetylene dissolved under pressure are required to be stored upright in a safe, controlled environment to prevent tipping, or exposure to temperature extremes, motion and vibration, which could cause the tank to rupture, leak or explode.

A national team of experienced, local Safety Storage professionals can provide direct, on-site building construction recommendations. According to the company, this field support can assist plant or safety engineers, or others within the processing market in:

  • Determining specific storage requirements.
  • Recommending an appropriate building size and configuration.
  • Selecting a suitable on-site location.
  • Advising on optional safe handling accessories and equipment.
Furthermore, these pre-engineered hazardous gas storage buildings can be equipped with separate compartments to accommodate a variety of incompatible gases, or individual gas storage buildings can be constructed as required.

Safety Storage adds, moreover, that its 2- and 4-hour fire-rated buildings are built from non-combustible heavy-gage steel materials, and incorporate UL-classified fire-resistive gypsum wallboard that features bi-directional ratings. Explosion control venting, as well as other optional equipment and accessories, like a range of color choices, is also available.