According to Strobic Air®, its patent-pending Smart Fan™ delivers unprecedented levels of efficiency and control to maintain safe ventilation levels, while minimizing facility energy costs and carbon footprints.

Furthermore, the fan senses pressure modifications as system demand changes and continually adjusts its fan speed to produce optimal flow; in multi-fan applications, fans are cycled on and off as required. It can additionally sense a fan failure and turn on a standby fan to maintain safe exhaust operations. All of these factors contribute, the company believes, to the Smart Fan™'s low capital cost and quick return on investment, which result in a low total cost of ownership.

The Smart Fan™ is the latest improvement to Strobic's TriStack® mixed flow exhaust fan line for safety-critical applications, such as laboratory fume hood exhaust and ventilation for specialized care environments. Other advantages of Tri-Stack® systems include:

  • Direct-drive motors, thus eliminating the need to replace belts, pulleys or other limited life components.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Vibration-free, plus virtually maintenance-free, operation.
  • A low-profile design.
  • Suitability for exhaust pollution, odor control, re-entrainment, energy savings and more.