MECO introduces its custom-engineered shaft seals for dry bulk process equipment. According to the company, these seals offer:

  • Optimal specification of the appropriate patented seal design and construction materials, according to MECO engineers who take precise shaft diameter, speed, clearance, process chemistry, temperature, pressure and more into consideration.
  • Solution of problems caused by shaft run-out or misalignment by accommodating for 6 mm of diametric run-out or more in the design of its seals.
  • Availability of fully split MECO seals, so that installation and rebuilding are both quick and easy.
  • The capability to be removed for daily cleaning in sanitary applications.
  • The flexibility to retrofit a range of shaft diameters.
  • The ability to meet FDA or ATEX requirements.
  • Ideal application in vacuum containment, often increasing machine efficiency.
  • Suitability for slow-turning bulk processing equipment in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and minerals processing industries.