Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics) recently released its FlexVu™ Model UD10 universal display, a life-safety gas detection display unit that offers non-intrusive calibration and local event logging. According to the company, this display furthermore:

  • Provides non-intrusive magnetic calibration and configuration, thereby allowing a single person to calibrate gas detectors without declassifying a hazardous area.

  • Works with a wide spectrum of toxic and combustible gas sensors, thus reducing spare-parts inventory.

  • Facilitates access to sensor status information, including local alarm and event logs.

  • Incorporates a backlit, heated LCD that clearly displays gas concentration, and alarm and fault status.

  • Permits you to couple the display directly to a single sensor or place it remotely using a sensor termination box.

  • Includes analog 4- to 20-mA output with HART, 3 alarm relays, 1 fault relay and RS-485 Modbus.

  • Has undergone third-party performance testing, and certification to FM, CSA and ATEX/IEC.

  • Is approved for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D classified hazardous areas for all gas types.

  • Simplifies equipment operation due to its intuitive menu structure.

  • Enables quick device setup.

  • Boasts of reliable construction and an explosion-proof rating.
In its current release, the FlexVu UD10 display operates with the following Det-Tronics gas detectors/sensors (while additional gas and flame detectors will soon be added):

  • The PIR9400 PointWatch infrared detector for combustible gases.

  • The PIRECL PointWatch Eclipse® infrared detector for combustible gases.

  • The OPECL Open Path Eclipse infrared detector for combustible gases.

  • The CGS catalytic combustible sensor (via the 505 transmitter) for combustible gases.

  • The NTMOS nanotechnology metal-oxide semiconductor hydrogen sulfide sensor for toxic gases.

  • C706x and GT3000 electrochemical sensors for toxic gases.