Universal Flow Monitors presents its Universal® Series flow-indicating flow switches for flow rate consistency and less maintenance in processing applications. These flow switches, according to the company, can double as variable-area flowmeters to monitor cooling water, circulating lubrication oil and other clean fluids. Furthermore, Universal® vane and piston meters can be used when local flow indication and mechanical flow switching (with or without an optional 4- to 20-mA transmitter) are desired. The company says these flow switches also provide:

  • All class, division and group hazardous location ratings, plus CSA, CE and CENELEC certifications.
  • Mechanical flow rate indication to assist in problem diagnosis.
  • An immediate response if flow is too low.
  • Individual calibration for fluids with the viscosity specified by the customer.
  • A transmitter for remote readout, recording or datalogging.
  • High-amperage limit alarm switches for troubleshooting and notification of flow failure.
  • Your choice of the L Series piston-style meters for flows from 1 GPH to 3 GPM, S Series meters for flows from 3 to 20 GPM or the M series for flows from 20 to 160 GPM. 
  • The option to pick construction materials appropriate for cooling water or circulating lube oil, in addition to the suitability for monitoring chemicals, brine, deionized water, paint and compressed air.
  • Availability of mounting inline or in any orientation.