Pentair Industrial introduces its Driflex™ oil-conditioning system for the removal of free emulsified and dissolved water from a variety of industrial and mobile lubrication and hydraulic systems. On average, oil contamination from dirt and water causes 70 to 80 percent of lubricated equipment wear and failures, and according to the company, Driflex can decrease water concentration and improve particulate filtration effectiveness, thus optimizing oil condition and minimizing equipment wear.

First, oil is pumped from the reservoir through Driflex’s efficient particle filter, which cleans the oil and protects the system’s dehydration contactor from damage. Then, the oil flows through Driflex’s dehydration contactor while dry air sweeps over the outside. The moisture differential within the contactor causes the moisture to be transferred from the oil to the air, and exhausted out of the system as moisturized air. No wastewater or other disposables are generated in the process, and the oil returns to the reservoir.

The company says other features include:

  • Oil dehydration through mass transfer.
  • Simplified maintenance without moving parts or flow/level controls to adjust.
  • Suitability for periodic use on reservoirs throughout an entire facility or dedication to a particular reservoir to provide continuous conditioning.