ChemSW recently released an enhanced version of its CISProMobile™, which integrates the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 operating system with the CISPro Chemical Inventory System®. This new version now enables you to leverage Windows-based handheld devices to streamline inventory management tasks, thereby achieving greater efficiency. According to the company, this version is further capable of:

  • Accurate tracking of chemicals and supplies.
  • Complying with safety and regulatory requirements, including bar code labeling, remote inventory control, document linking and links to MSDSs.
  • Performing all possible inventory operations, including not only moving, disposing and transferring inventory, and changing the container owner, but also reconciliations and fire code reporting of container data.
  • Being adjusted for custom logins, allowing the customer to specify what data each individual can access.
  • Packaging and uploading data to CISPro.
  • Maintaining constant updates, so the inventory information in the main database is identical to what’s actually in your facility.
  • Easing use through intuitive menus in the Windows interface.
  • Enabling users to access data entry fields for all parameters in the scan, as well as perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Providing an entire scan history, which allows you to back out of a process and delete information if something was not initially scanned correctly.
  • Granting you the option to set up data acquisition and receipt, results entry and even sample collection activities.