National Instruments recently launched an instrument driver that gives NI LabVIEW graphical system design users the ability to interface with environmental monitoring sensors that communicate via SDI-12—a serial-based communication protocol optimized for battery-powered intelligent sensors. With NI LabVIEW SDI-12 application programming interface (API) software, the company says that you can additionally:

  • Easily acquire measurements, such as turbidity, dissolved oxygen, tank level, soil pH, conductivity and more.
  • Communicate with sensors and recorders commonly used in environmental datalogging applications, like climate change tracking, water quality testing, soil monitoring, etc.
  • Connect environmental data with LabVIEW-compatible I/O to form a comprehensive and flexible environmental datalogging solution. 
  • Shorten your development time when designing data acquisition applications.

  • Measure environmental parameters in a lab setting or deploy stand-alone systems into remote locations (combined with an RS232 to SDI-12 converter, and any computer or NI programmable automation controller that includes a serial port).
  • Download the software for free from the NI Instrument Driver Network at