According to Envirosight, Version 3.5 of its QuickView pipeline zoom inspection camera offers you double the zoom with 400 times the magnification and improved sensitivity for low-light viewing, in addition to:

  • The capability to see as far as 400 ft. down lines from 6– to 60-in. (dia.)—all while capturing sidewall detail—in an effort to evaluate pipelines and tanks.
  • The capacity to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure.
  • 432:1 zoom, on-screen distance measurement and high-intensity discharge lamps for 65 percent brighter illumination.
  • A full shift’s worth of inspection work before the rechargeable battery is drained.
  • A safe and rapid alternative to comprehensive crawler inspection.
  • Availability of NTSC versions for the North American market and PAL versions for the global market.
  • The flexibility for currents users to upgrade to Version 3.5.