Salt is a common ingredient found in many food products. Due to heat, moisture and storage conditions, however, it often clumps together. To make it usable in food production, it must be delumped before being integrated into the processing line. Large vibratory sifters are often used to security screen salt; however, due to its abrasiveness, these sifters are prone to screen failures. Worse yet, blockages and bridging from lumps within the product can increase downtime and decrease process line productivity.

To combat these complications, IDEX Corp. has designed the Quadro® sifter, which the company says can grant:

• High-capacity, vibration-free operation.

• The power to easily handle difficult products, such as salt.

• Strength through the implementation of cylindrical 1-piece screens, which reinforce the sifter.

• A compact profile for today’s efficiency-minded manufacturers.

• An optional spoiler arm adapter, which gently eliminates agglomerations.

• The flexibility to easily fit inline within existing process systems, thus reducing equipment customization.